Friday, May 31, 2013


While doing my analysis and my research on "The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses" I discovered a wide span of points about literature. i was able to analyze and break down a story all on my own with techniques such as breaking it down stanza by stanza with annotation. It was evident in the story that authors lightly use patterns within their stories to create a more comfortable piece thats easy to comprehend for the reader, also making them more interesting. Authors can also use these patterns to put a twist into the story making the reader analyze what's going on and actually makes them think about what they are reading. I discovered that there are many different patterns an author can use to interpret their story and each way is different and each adds an affect to the piece. Just like the author used the transition between characters Brille and Hannejtie, it provided the story its intended mood. 
Although these patterns were evident, there are still some uncertainties I have when it comes to these literary patterns. Do authors intend to place these patterns within their stories or does it just come straight out of their minds and onto their paper? On the other side this literary criticism project on "The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses" was not strenuous at all. It was broken down in a way that made it very easy and I didn't feel intimidated at any point of my research. I feel like it didn't take me half as long as it would've if the task was just thrown at me. If I did have to do this project again, I'm not sure I would really do anything differently. If anything I'd try to find better sources with more detailed information in my story. 

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