Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Literary Analysis for The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses


This site was created by Muneeza Rafiq to address the main themes and tell about the author, Bessie Head. 
She also includes some vocabulary from the short story and addresses import ants points in a form of annotation
in a summary. The vocabulary is definitely helpful because there are some unfamiliar words in the story.


This site was created under the username praesto to tell of the main literary points and thoroughly describe how those 
points are used throughout the short story. She also compares and contrasts Brille, the prisoner, and Hennetjie, the 
warden. This allows the reader to see the difference and the similarities between the two. 


This is actually a link to a blog by Kaitlyn Hafdell. She has three questions and the answers posted and it really helps the 
reader understand exactly what's going on in the short story and what the background is behind everything that's 

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